Product and Company Reviews – Finding the Real Deal

When you buy a product or service, you normally want some assurance you are making a wise decision. Does the product work in the way that it is supposed to do? Will the service accomplish what you need? Is it going to be limited in some way? Sometimes it’s good to know more about the company which makes the product or provides the service. Is their customer service good, bad, or non-existent? What about refund policies and other things that you may need to know. Asking questions-in fact-asking a lot of questions are typical of modern consumer. It’s now pretty easy to find out about a company via online reviews, but you need to tread carefully; not all is at seems.

The best way to go when you’re looking for information on the product is to visit a popular review site. Find out who their customers are by looking at their testimonials. Beware; it’s become evident to large review sites that many companies are writing their own testimonials. Make sure you do a lot of digging and find some on the site that offer you real information from real people. If you don’t see them, it’s time to look at other sites and to find them in other places. Most of the time when I review product form a place like Amazon a clue that something is not right is when I see a bad review that includes a “but I used company X’s product and it was great.”

One of the best ways to find real people who have reviewed the company in question will be to go to sites like Yelp has sent a lot of time and money cleaning up fake review. They seem to do a good job of monitoring and vetting reviews before they are posted. These offer solid information from real users who have written reviews on various companies. In most cases you’ll want to just type in the name of the company and read what they have to say. I’ve had some luck with Google reviews but still tend to find junk.

Review sites were created to help prospective buyers. They offer reviews of products and services that can be helpful to customers who are seeking that information. Bear in mind that not every review that you see will be glowing. Sometimes the customer allows their frustration to get the better of them and will post a negative review. If the preponderance of reviews are positive that will tell you that the company is legitimate and does stand behind their product. Also keep in mind that not all review sites are honest and they are not all review sites. Some sites do not offer positive reviews and they do require the company to pay to remove a negative review. This is true even if the customer complaint has been resolved. It’s called blackmail and you should vet these sites and not sue them for reviews.

Sites such as these are not honest review sites, but rather complaint sites that are not run in a forthright way. They should be avoided like the plague if we’re trying to vet a product for purchase because they don’t offer the up side of the product, which is what you’re trying to find out.

Quality reviews must come from people who have used the product, not just looked it over. Knowing how a particular service, company, or product actually operates can only happen if you’ve used it.

Getting good reviews is imperative in order to find the best products or companies for your purposes. When you’re looking at a larger purchase, doing a little leg work is the only way to make sure that your purchase will be in your best interests.

Urgent Care Clinics and Negative Reviews

Urgent care centers in general make an overwhelmingly positive impression on the general public. Online reviews show high approval of centers based on different factors. Even though this is the dream of most service providers, in critical matters like health, having a single negative review is enough to persuade a consumer not to move ahead with a particular healthcare provider. Based entirely on online reviews, let us take a look at some of the reasons why an urgent care facility would receive a negative rating.

Why you would choose an urgent care facility?

Medical care facilities go through a rigorous accreditation program like the Urgent Care Certification and the Urgent Care Accreditation programs to ensure that they offer services comparable to those of hospitals. The perks of visiting an emergency care facility are that they are cheaper and faster than emergency rooms. For budget-conscious patients (which most likely would include all patients) this is huge bonus.
If it’s so good, why are there any negative reviews?

From a sample of online reviews posted by consumers themselves on service review sites like, urgent care facilities with the lowest ratings had 3 out of 5 stars for most states. Similar ratings can be found on Angie’s List, Yellow Pages and A list of common complaints for emergency care facilities include:

Walk in/ Walk out – The urgent care policy of treating patients quickly, combined with high volumes of patients can leave a consumer feeling rushed and not satisfied with the service they received. Examples include these reviews by Anthony A. and Sabeen A. on different facilities. Though aware of the fast treatment policy, some patients feel the actual time spent with the practitioner was too little for their comfort.

Billing Nightmares – One recurring complaint of reviewers across several states is ‘billing issues’. A review on leaves a sour taste in the mouth for patients of some walk-in centers. One review on an urgent care facility in MN suggests posting up prices for services before treatment, so patients are not confused when the bill arrives.

Mixed Records – Treating John Doe for Jane Doe’s illnesses would definitely land a practitioner in court. Despite this fact, some urgent care facilities are subject to bad recordkeeping. This review for a facility in TX has enough for a negligence lawsuit to go on. And this review on would cause another facility to lose more dollars in claims.

Bad Manners – There’s nothing like rude customer service to fire up a sick patient. This review on the Yellow Pages site triggered by inefficient medical aides would cost the attending physician a few potential patients. The negative reviews of this facility on Google shows how important it is to maintain friendly relationship with patients
This list captures some, but not all, of the highest recurring complaints in negative reviews for care facilities from the point of the patient.

Treat me right!

Most walk-in treatments conclude within the span of an hour or two. Urgent care facilities have one shot at impressing the patient. As shown by the points made above, most of the negative reviews stem not from poor medical treatment, but rather how the treatment was offered to the patient and the courtesy or lack thereof. It seems all staff members have a job to do in a walk in care clinic and they must do it with respect.